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4/6/1991 - 5/9/2001

Dawn (AKC registered Lampliter's Touch of Dawn) came from Rae Weatherford's Lamplighter Kennel. Sire is Champion Jack-n-Black (Tri-Sheltie), and I look just like him. My daddy bought me when I was about 9 months old, being retired from the show ring. I really didn't like the circuit anyhow! I had a much better life, with my entire family.

I was a sweet and loving purebred Shetland Sheepdog (aka Sheltie) and if given the chance, I'd be a lap-dog. My daddy spoiled me rotten, but I loved it. I was very obedient and listened to my family (most of the time). I also took several different classes at Joyce Morgan's Dog Obedience School, and I really enjoyed them.

When my family isn't looking, I sometimes got into trouble by picking garbage out of the bathroom pail. Of course I always got caught and I can't figure out how... A friend till the end, may she rest in peace (died of kidney and liver failure in her sleep in her bed on her own terms, sparing us of making tough decisions). My pal, Piper will miss me biting at his neck and barking up a storm while he's playing catch. I didn't play with toys much, but every once in a while, I'd get the urge. My best friend is Piper, that's for sure.

You can see more photos of me, and the rest of my companions ...

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