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Euthanized: 9/4/2004, her quality of life and pain was too much to bear

Lusi (named after "Remember the Lusitania") was adopted from the Williamson County SPCA by mommy's friends, Rich and Dorene Cohen, but I didn't get along with their dog, Leela. Unfortunately Leela has gone to doggie-heaven, and will be missed by their friends, the Cohen's. So -- when Nickie needed a friend, they gave me to mommy. Nickie was my best friend.

I'm definitely a hound, most likely a Beagle mix of some sort. If given the chance, I would howl with the neighbor's dogs at night, but my family keeps me inside, where I'd rather be anyhow.

I'm about 45 very chunky-pounds, have short black hair and am about ~14 years old. Given the chance, I'd sleep most of the day in my very comfortable bed, but I definitely will get up when it's time to eat. Unfortunately as the days go on, I'm getting a bit older and feeling it. I suddenly went blind a few years back (SARD), but I get around pretty well with my nose and ears!

You can see more photos of me, and the rest of my companions ...

I am Nathan's favorite doggie.

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