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Passed away: 10/28/2001

Nickie (aka Nick at Night) rescued from a life of abuse and neglect. I was a wonderful, hyperactive, sweet member of the Tropiano family. I'm most likely a Border Collie mix of some sort, and I have all the "wonderful" traits that most Border Collie's have.

I'm 51 pounds have long black hair and am about 11.5 years old. I love to bark at anyone near my fence, and most of all any truck passing by. Although still single, my best friend is Lusi, but I'm really mommy's baby.

On stormy nights, I insist on waking mommy up to make sure everything is safe, while she walks me around the house. Truely an escape artist, I must be watched at every moment, or I'll take off from the house, but I always come back (don't tell my family, since they worry terribly about me!)

I hated being groomed, but at least twice a year Luther or BCAH takes good care of me. I had about 2 cups of Nutro Natural Recipe food everyday, as well as my favorite garlic and yeast tablets and biscuit.

I also have lots of fun herding my buddies when they come, Peppy and Smokey (although Smokey is only the one who likes it...) Here's a picture of Gil and my buddy, Nathan giving me a big hug.

A friend till the end, may he rest in peace (died quietly in his sleep after being so very active the day before ... spared us of making tough decisions).
You can see more photos of me, and the rest of my companions ...

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