The Tropiano Kid's Page

Before December 19, 1994, these were our four-legged kids and currently our only "children". Our children now includes, Nathan Elliot Tropiano who was born on August 17, 1995 and Leah Alyona Tropiano born October 17, 2001 and adopted September 26, 2002 from Kazakhstan.

Our "Family" Photograph          (80KB) [big] (116KB)
Piper's puppy face (77KB) Piper more adult (69KB) Piper & Dawn posed in the grass (60KB)
Piper & Dawn (posing again!) (39KB)
Dawn relaxing in the grass (87KB)
Dawn & Piper on the couch (43KB)
Nickie (after his grooming!) (63KB)
Nickie frontal-shot (46KB)
Lusi (chewing on rawhide...) (22KB)
The full crew (43KB)
The full crew (12/95) (81KB)
Piper the reindeer (12/95) (127KB)
Dawn the reindeer (12/95) (98KB)
Fonzie (NY pal) and Unc (12/95) (56KB)

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