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The Tropiano's

*Lenny Tropiano
*Debbie Tropiano
*Nathan Elliot Tropiano
*Sara Elizabeth Tropiano
*Leah Alyona Tropiano
*Precious Piper (Sheltie)
*Lampliter's Touch of Dawn (Sheltie)
*Nick at Night (Border Collie mix)
*Remember the Lusitania (Beagle mix)

Family Photos ...

*Tropiano's Photos Gallery

*Lenny Tropiano's Family Photos
*Lenny Tropiano's Family Photos (November 1999)
*Las Vegas Vacation (10/1997) Photos
*Mom & Carl's Hawaii 1998 Photos
*Luci & Larry Unferth's Wedding (5/9/1998) Photos
*Luci's Pregnancy (The Unferth twins) Photos
*The Unferth twins: Samuel Robert and Zachary Brett Photos
*San Antonio Family Vacation Photos (4/2000)
*Lenny surprises family in North Carolina (9/2000)
*Keyes Family comes to visit (11/10/2001)

Friend of ours ...

*Gil Kloepfer, Jr.
*Marc Wiz
*Brian and Jean Sinclair
*Jean Sinclair's Artwork

Other items of interest...

*Our 1995 Ford Explorer Limited
*Tropiano's "New Home"
*House we had for sale
*Austin Lounge Lizards events
*Lenny Tropiano's VTEL "Outings"
*Oakmont Forest HOA Pool Party (5/2000)
*Brianna Ct 2nd Annual BBQ Party (5/2000)
*VTEL goes to the Round Rock Express Game (6/2000)
*The Swimming Pool Saga (6/2000)
*The Deter's visit (6/26/2000)
*Bubbe and Papa visit (7/2000)
*ARL:UT ISL Picnic 2000 (7/8/2000)
*Stepping Stone Swim Showoff (7/21/2000)
*Nathan's First (morning) to Kindergarten (8/10/2000)
*Nathan's First (afternoon) to Kindergarten (8/10/2000)
*Nathan's 2nd (morning) to Kindergarten at bus stop (8/11/2000)
*Nathan's 5th Birthday Pool Party (8/19/2000)
*Naumann Elementary Shield Parade 2000 (9/1/2000)
*Birthday Celebration for Allison and Susan (11/18/2000)
*Flying over Texas (Thanks Wendell!) (11/21/2000)
*Chavurah Bet Purim Festivities (3/4/2001)
*Nathan & Trent at Rodeo and Livestock Show (3/17/2001)
*Washington DC Trip (Air & Space) (4/2001)
*Washington DC Trip (Natural History) (4/2001)
*Surprise 30th Anniversary Party (4/2001)
*Visit to Long Island (4/2001)
*Atlantis Aquarium, Riverhead, Long Island (4/2001)
*Nathan's Kindergarten Graduation (5/18/2001)
*Nathan's Kindergarten Pool Party (5/27/2001)
*Chavurah Bet Pool Party (6/17/2001)
*Round Rock Express Game (6/28/2001)
*Bubbe & Papa Visit (6/30-7/4/2001)
*July 4th Pool Party and Festivities (7/4/2001)
*Bunco Pool Party (7/13/2001)
*Grandpa Paul comes to visit (7/2001)
*T-600 Gals Party (8/5/2001)
*Nathan's 6th Birthday Pool Party (8/12/2001)
*Naumann Elementary Shield Parade 2001 (8/31/2001)
*Simchat Torah/Consecration (10/8/2001)
*Fredericksburg Trip (10/21/2001)
*Naumann Transportation Parade (10/27/2001)
*Halloween (10/31/2001)
*Keyes Family Trip to Austin (11/10/2001)
*Trenton Bailey's 6th Birthday (12/8/2001)
*Greene Family Camp Retreat (2/2002)
*Purim Extravaganza (2/25/2002)
*Gil's Birthday 2002 (3/11/2002)
*Naumann Elementary Renaissance Festival 2002 (4/6/2002)

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