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3/5/1991 - 2/5/2006

Piper (AKC registered Precious Piper) bought from a local breeder at 8 weeks old. I'm a very hyperactive Shetland Sheepdog (aka Sheltie) and I've earned the name my daddy sometimes calls me, Hyper-Piper. I was given the name Piper, because my daddy was flying at that time a single-engine aircraft called the Piper Tomahawk.

I was a purebred Sheltie, but probably too big for the standard. (Boy do I like to eat!) I'm very obedient and listen to my family (most of the time). We took several different classes at Joyce Morgan's Dog Obedience School, and he and I really enjoyed them. He did get into trouble sometimes, but mostly I was a great dog.

I was about 40 pounds, had long brown (sable), black and white hair and made it to 1 month shy of 15 years old. I loved to bark at anything and in the day I was a good watch dog. I loved to play catch with anything anyone wants to throw. I even bring it back, which is a bonus for most. Keep throwing toys, whether it's a frisbee, ball, or any other dog toy, I'd bring it back to you and put it in your lap. I was a pretty good catch too, especially with a frisbee.

My best friend was Dawn, but I'm really daddy's baby. I also liked to play tug-of-war with Nickie if there was a rope around. I miss them both.

I was the last of the Tropiano mohicans. Lusi was in pain will be missed too...

Here's a photo of me and my pal, Nathan. You can see more photos of me, and the rest of my companions ...
On Sunday, February 2, 2006 I joined my pals, Nickie, Dawn, Lusi. In pain from the liver cancer and severe arthritis/hip dysplasia, my dad couldn't see me in pain anymore. The decision was made to join my friends. He went peacefully to sleep.

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