What is ICUS?

Many people have asked, what is ICUS anyway? A little history behind this is needed, I suppose. Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's (while in high school), Gil Kloepfer, Lenny Tropiano, both native Long Island folk, started calling themselves ICUS. It was a play on LICUS (Long Island Computer Users Society), since we both lived in Islip, NY (Islip Computer Users Society). That name stuck, and both Gil and Lenny had many fine computing "moments" up in Islip.

Lenny (me), went to Rochester, NY to college, and ICUS disappeared for a while. Gil was already in college, back still in Long Island. When I returned to Long Island (several years later), and got my first UNIX computer (an AT&T UNIXpc/3B1), and then some UUCP only connections, Lenny changed the name, more formally to, ICUS Computer Group. Still at 1200 baud, we were connected to UUCPnet (ala icus.UUCP first and then icus.islp.ny.us later on...) Gil dialed into the computer to read mail and news. When Telebit released the first generation, Telebit Trailblazer Plus modems, I figured it was time to move up, and get a faster modem. It's amazing what you can fit on a 67MB MFM (ST-506) hard disk. I was getting lots of netnews and email. And was trying to get connected to everyone I could. Gil dug up my .signature file his archived e-mail (yea, I was bad with >4 lines!):

============================ US MAIL:   Lenny Tropiano, ICUS Computer Group
 IIIII   CCC   U   U   SSSS             PO Box 1
   I    C   C  U   U  S                 Islip Terrace, New York  11752
   I    C      U   U   SSS   PHONE:     (516) 968-8576 [H] (516) 582-5525 [W]
   I    C   C  U   U      S  AT&T MAIL: ...attmail!icus!lenny  TELEX: 154232428
============================       ...{uunet!godfre, mtune!quincy}!\
                              ...{ihnp4, boulder, harvard!talcott}! >icus!lenny
"Usenet the final frontier"        ...{cmcl2!phri, hoptoad}!dasys1!/

That was dated, November 13, 1987, and I thought Usenet was the final frontier, times have certainly changed. Later when Gil and I collaborated on developing a second disk hardware upgrade for the AT&T UNIXpc/3B1, we changed the name to ICUS Software Systems, in it would sound more official (instead of a computer club, which it really wasn't) and maybe someday to make it a business. That so far has not happened. The acronym translation of ICUS at that time was, Innovative Consulting/Unlimited Software development.

In the late 1980's, Gil left New York for Houston, Texas currently employed with Compaq, and not too far after that, Lenny also left, to pursue his career with IBM, in Austin. Then he moved onto Applied Research Laboratories of the University of Texas (ARL:UT), and four years with Forgent (was VTEL) Corporation as a Sr. Network Engineer and then the Sr. Network Manager. Most recently, he's self-employed starting his own consulting business with a partner, Brian Sinclair, called VoIPing, LLC.

Gil later formed, SSDL (Southwest Systems Development Labs), which was a tiny little division of ICUS. Till this day, still best friends, Gil and Lenny share their computer knowledge with each other. As of, August 15, 1996, ssdl.com went through the migration to www.kloepfer.org. In late November 1996, Gil decided that Austin was the place to be, and secured a job with Applied Research Laboratories of the University of Texas (ARL:UT).

ICUS Software Systems, Austin, TX

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